13:25 PM

Almost too easy to play: Pickleball's popularity comes at a cost

Yahoo reports that increased medical costs and upticks in outpatient surgeries could be attributed to pickleball injuries in an interview with Joshua S. Dines, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS.

"Pickleball was almost too easy to play," Dr. Dines told Yahoo Finance. "So people that hadn't done anything in years, this was kind of their entrance back into sport, and maybe they weren't ready for it."

While Dr. Dines has seen an increasing number of patients with pickleball-related injuries, he doesn't believe that's a symptom of the sport being more dangerous than others he's worked closely with, like baseball, hockey, and tennis. It's about who's playing it.

Dr. Dines said that while pickleball is considered a low-impact sport, there is still repetitive shoulder motion and side-to-side movement that could aggravate an existing injury, particularly in a person who hasn't been overly active.

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