17:18 PM

7 spine, orthopedic insights to know from Q3

Spine and orthopedic experts including Frank P. Cammisa Jr., MD, chief emeritus of HSS Spine shared their insights on a variety of clinical, business and policy issues in their work.

"At least in the field of spine care, the focus is on evidence-based research, especially real-world outcomes utilizing big data platforms so that we truly understand if our surgical treatments are providing clinically important differences across a complex, highly variable patient population. Secondly, the trend towards more comprehensive multidisciplinary specialty interaction. Tearing down the barriers of compartmentalized medicine approaches, it is extremely important that spine surgeons work together closely with physiatry, neurology, anesthesia and pain management to really take global care of the patient. Finally, the world has changed post-COVID, and being able to interact with patients by new platform mediums like virtual appointments and interactive patient portals allows greater connectivity to your patients, which can only result in better care management," said Dr. Cammisa. 

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