10:50 AM

15 Reasons Your Heart Rate is High on Easy Runs

In an interview with The Mother Runners, Kate Baird, MA, ACSM-CEP, CSCS, exercise physiologist at HSS provides insight into why your heart rate may be high on easy runs. 

One contributing factor may be an inaccurate heart rate formula. The most common heart rate formula people use is 220 minus your age to get your max heart rate, then they calculate zones based on percentages. This isn’t a very accurate measure for most people as age is one of a number of factors that determines your heart rate, says Baird.

“There is incredible variation in heart rate among individuals due to factors such as sex, age, fitness level, health considerations, and lifestyle. These all contribute to a person’s heart rate at rest, during exercise, and maximally,” she explained.

Genetics may be another reason. Some people just have higher heart rates, said Baird. One solution is to run by RPE (rate of perceived exertion) instead. Running by RPE is paying attention to your breath, sweat rate, heart rate, and muscle fatigue when running and adjusting your pace to stay in range.

To run easy, you should notice how hard you are breathing and whether you can talk, said Baird. When running easy, you should be able to speak in complete sentences and carry on a conversation.

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