18:10 PM

11 Shoulder Stretches To Give The Important Joint Some TLC

Women’s Health discusses the benefits of incorporating shoulder stretching into a daily routine according to experts including Sabrina M. Strickland, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS.

According to Dr. Strickland, “Working with poor posture at a desk puts stress on the neck and shoulder joint. These types of [people] need to do core strengthening and stretching throughout the day.”

Dr. Strickland noted that athletes—particularly those who throw or swing items, like baseballs or tennis rackets—are most prone to tightness and pain. She added that cross-training, yoga, and regular strength training can help offset shoulder pains, and incorporating shoulder stretches into your daily routine is key.

She continued, “[Shoulder stretching] can help make up for deficits caused by injury, overuse, or poor mechanics.”

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