18:38 PM

Your pillow may be to blame for neck and back pain

HSS physiatrist Carlo Milani, MD, MBA explains factors to consider to find a good-fitting pillow, as they are often the cause of morning aches and pains.

"Having a good pillow is really important to reduce neck pain, reduce back pain and to overall get a good night's sleep," said Dr. Milani.

Anyone looking for a good-fitting pillow should focus on their preference in sleep position, he continued. "If somebody is a back sleeper, they really want to make sure that they have a pillow that supports the curve of the neck from the back of the head to the shoulders. If you're a side sleeper you want to make sure your pillow supports through the curve of the neck down to the shoulder, so you might need something that's a little bit thicker. And if you're a tummy sleeper, you want to make sure that your pillow is a little bit flatter," noted Dr. Milani.

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