09:39 AM

Your Coronavirus Work-From-Home Wellness Plan

Elemental reports on how to stay healthy and active while working from home. Written by a freelancer, the article features tips on how to set yourself up for wellness success.

Jon Cinkay, PT, body mechanics coordinator at HSS, explains that the best ergonomic foundation is a desk and chair setup where your elbows can be bent to 90 degrees.

If you use a laptop, it’s important to raise the screen up to eye level. “Laptops are much lower, and people tend to bend forward at the waist and curl over and look down at the screen, and they cause lots of back and neck issues,” Cinkay said.

According to Cinkay, the golden rule is to get up every hour and move - use that time to go to the bathroom, simply walk around the room, stretch, get some water or snacks.

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