14:48 PM

Yes, Resistance-Band Training Is Worth It — Especially If You Have Joint Pain

POP SUGAR reports on the benefits of resistance band training for those with joint pain and how to approach training with weights, according to HSS physical therapist Jennifer Heberton PT, DPT, OCS.

"Resistance bands provide feedback to your joints throughout the full motion of an exercise. This allows for increased stability of the joint through muscular activation and decreases the amount of stress put on the joint surfaces,” explained Heberton. Because resistance bands offer a light loading to the muscles around the painful joints, they then allow you to try new exercises or different exercise variations with a "decreased risk of overloading the joint surfaces,” she added.

When creating a program for someone, Heberton typically uses resistance bands to provide ample feedback in the beginning and then challenges the body by progressing to weights as appropriate. She suggested using the correct weight for each exercise — or one that doesn't sacrifice form or cause you pain while completing the movement — and modifying when needed. "Injuries occur when people ignore pain, and/or the importance of form and proper muscle activation when doing strength training with weights," noted Heberton.

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