09:30 AM

Yes, It’s Okay to Take a Walk Outside During Coronavirus

Oprah Magazine reports that it’s okay to take a walk outside during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Yes, if you have the ability to walk—and are not quarantined or in recommended isolation—you should go for a walk at least once a day,” says Daphne A. Scott, MD, primary sports medicine physician at HSS, who explains that this is a good way to get exercise, especially if you’ve been stuck indoors all day, and may even help with anxiety or depression.

In order to stay safe while doing so, practice social distancing. Dr. Scott suggests finding routes that have less people or to walk during “off-peak’ times. It is important to adhere to your individual state’s recommendations.

Dr. Scott adds that a brisk walk (at a pace of 3-4 mph) for 30 minutes five days a week can achieve the American College of Sports Medicine’s recommendations.

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