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Yes, Acupuncture May Help Relieve Joint Pain and Aid Sleep

MyFitnessPal discusses how acupuncture may help to relieve joint pain according to experts including HSS physiatrist Elizabeth M. Manejias, MD.

“There are various methods in which acupuncture is thought to exert its beneficial effects,” said Dr. Manejias. “Research has shown that it reduces the local concentration of pain-inducing chemicals around the needle insertion points.” In other words, people may feel less pain in the areas where needles are inserted. “Insertion of needles with electrical stimulation (also known as electroacupuncture) activates the central nervous system and releases chemicals such as endorphins that help patients feel better. The release of these chemicals are thought to support the body’s natural healing mechanisms,” explained Dr. Manejias.

Dr. Manejias uses acupuncture and dry needling to treat various musculoskeletal issues. “Some of the conditions that I treat and have had success with are acute injuries such as joint sprain or muscle/tendon injuries,” cited Dr. Manejias. Additionally, she uses acupuncture in patients with herniated disks and arthritis, as well as physical therapy in conjunction with acupuncture to help treat pain and injuries. That way, people can get stronger and improve the movement patterns that may have contributed to their injury, while also getting pain relief.

“There are certain conditions that you should discuss with your health care provider before initiating treatment. These include bleeding disorders, skin infections, lymphedema or pacemaker placement,” advised Dr. Manejias. People can still receive acupuncture with these conditions, but they may need modifications.

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