08:58 AM

Xavier McKinney: Back in the Game

New York Giants' safety Xavier McKinney was in Mexico when he got in an ATV accident that shattered his hand breaking multiple fingers. Scott Rodeo, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS and head team physician for the New York Giants, Robert N. Hotchkiss, MD, hand and upper extremity surgeon at HSS, and Aviva L. Wolff, EdD, OT, CHT, occupational hand therapist at HSS discuss his recovery. 

“Our first job as a team physician when we hear about an injury is to get the information. Talk to the player, see what happened, get them in right away, and evaluate them. I work with my colleague Bob Hotchkiss, our hand and wrist expert and get all the imaging studies. Dr. Hotchkiss did the surgery and did a wonderful job as far as restoring anatomy. But the biggest issue in the recovery process is getting the motion back. Fingers and hands tend to get stiff," said Dr. Rodeo.

“If you put him in a cast for three months, the bone would heal, but then he couldn't move his fingers. But if you move faster than the bone is healed, then that alignment issue that you are trying to protect becomes compromised. So that is the balance,” said Dr. Hotchkiss. 

"When we first started working together, Xavier's entire hand was really tight, so we've been working a lot on opening the span, stretching out and making a first. Once he's warmed up and did some soft tissues massage, it's easier for him to get some motion on his own and his strength is coming back, said Aviva. 

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