14:02 PM

World-class surfers help kids with disabilities ride the waves

FreeThink reports the Adaptive Sports Academy at the HSS Lerner Children’s Pavilion sponsored a surfing trip in Long Beach, NY, for pediatric patients facing a range of disabilities.

The Adaptive Sports Academy organizes trips for pediatric patients to build their self-confidence, help them become more independent, and increase their mobility.

After receiving a lesson from brothers Will and Cliff Skudin — co-owners of Skudin Surf and world-class surfers themselves — the kids got a chance to ride the waves.

“Our adaptive sports trips encourage young people with physical disabilities to challenge themselves by trying new sports, while building their self-confidence and encouraging independence,” explained Peyton Katz, pediatric patient and family care coordinator at HSS.

“For many of the kids, it was a chance to experience moving their bodies and using their muscles in ways they’ve never experienced before. It was also a wonderful opportunity for them to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Over the past year, such opportunities have been limited for many of the kids,” noted David M. Scher, MD, pediatric orthopedic surgeon at HSS.

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