07:00 AM

WishBone Medical, Inc. and Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) Collaborate to Develop a Novel Pediatric Total Hip Implant.

As part of a collaborative initiative, HSS and WishBone Medical Inc., an orthopedic device company, entered into a license agreement to develop a pediatric total hip implant.

According to the article, the system will be designed specifically for children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis or congenital dysplastic hip disease.

Louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO of HSS, said "HSS's clinical leadership, biomechanical engineering and innovation expertise together with Wishbone's experience developing technologies to serve pediatric patients, position us to improve the quality of life of these young patients who do not have many therapeutic options. As an inventor of these technologies, Dr. Mark Figgie, our Chief of the Surgical Arthritis Service at HSS is a leading expert in the field, who along with our biomechanical engineers have a long history in both treating and innovating for this patient population."

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