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Winning Tennis Titles Again, Bob Bryan Is Inspiring Athletes With Hip Injuries

The New York Times (NYT) highlighted the comeback tale of pro tennis star Bob Bryan, following his hip resurfacing procedure at HSS. Five months post-procedure, Bryan returned to the court and, now at his eight-month mark, he is winning significant tournaments. Prior to Bryan, no professional tennis player has had this procedure and returned to the fore. 

NYT spoke to Bryan’s hip surgeon, Edwin Su, MD, at HSS about his recovery and performance, who noted "What Bob is doing is incredible. He really is demonstrating what determination and his hard work can accomplish with a new implant." Dr. Su added, "The things that make Bob Bryan great, you don’t know if you are going to lose that with an artificial joint and surgery. It’s amazing to see he doesn’t seem to have lost any of it and in fact is now able to play without pain."

While Bryan is back to diving for volleys, it has yet to be determined if these rigors will put him at greater risk of requiring follow-up surgery down the road. "We don’t have enough data in terms of how it would hold up to activity such as this," said Dr. Su. "This has been done now for almost two decades, so there are some very active patients out there, and activity doesn’t seem to make it wear out. We’re drawing from the experiences of recreational athletes."

Read the full article at NYTimes.com. This also appeared in the April 3, 2019 print issue.