19:54 PM

Why You Should Consider Adding a Dietitian to Your Team

The Rheumatologist reports although there isn’t a specific nutrition plan for patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA), research has indicated many dietary factors can help ease symptoms including pain caused from inflammation.

The Rheumatologist spoke to Laura Gibofsky, MS, RD, CSP, CDN, clinical nutritionist at HSS, who explained how the interdisciplinary team (including a dietician) can ensure better patient outcomes. “[Although] there are no medications that can cure RA or prevent flares, following a plan, such as the Mediterranean diet, can help prevent and better manage an RA flare,” said Gibofsky. “As dieticians, we work to help patients get the nutrients they need through a healthy diet, as opposed to supplements that can interfere with medications,” she added.

Additionally, eating a well-balanced diet can help combat some of the side effects of medication, such as nausea. Gibofsky advised the implementation of strategies such as eating five small meals a day, and addressed questions about food sensitivities. “We want to ensure patients don’t have any nutritional deficiencies that exacerbate their health condition,” she said.

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