15:56 PM

When elders leave hospital, falls are big reason they return

Reuters Health reports a U.S. study demonstrated the prevention of falls among elderly patients who just left the hospital is an important part of keeping them safe. Findings suggested there is a gap in the quality of care provided before and after patients leave the hospital due to the prevalence of falls post discharge. Furthermore, the research found patients who had fallen in the past, and those with impaired cognition, had a higher risk of being readmitted for any reason - particularly if they went home after discharge, versus a skilled nursing facility.

Matthew Titmuss, PT, DPT, Assistant Vice President, Value Management at HSS, who was not involved in the study, provided commentary to Reuters Health about the findings, citing, “You essentially can’t change someone’s cognition or the fact that they have fallen previously. What type of care they receive following a hospital stay and where they receive it can be modified.”

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