18:08 PM

What's the biggest opportunity for growth in anesthesiology?

Becker’s ASC Review highlights the biggest growth opportunities according to leaders in anesthesiology and includes commentary from Jonathan C. Beathe, MD, anesthesiologist at HSS.

Dr. Beathe said, “One of the biggest opportunities for growth in the field of anesthesiology is improving the experience of care postdischarge. With trends toward shorter length of stay and the disruptive innovation of telemedicine, there is tremendous opportunity for anesthesiologists to demonstrate our value. Modernized analgesic strategies that minimize or even eliminate the use of opioids, including the use of continuous peripheral nerve blocks, have the added potential benefit of reducing the incidence of chronic postsurgical pain. As the trend toward outpatient total joint replacements continues, it is not enough to be satisfied with acceptable patient safety metrics. At my institution, we continue to optimize enhanced recovery pathways to focus on outcomes that matter to our patients.”

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