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What’s the 12-3-30 Workout All About?

Health Central reports on the 12-3-30 workout, a workout that focuses on setting the cardio machine’s incline level to 12% and the speed to 3.0 miles per hour, then walking for 30 minutes. Experts including Melanie H. Smith, MD, PhD, rheumatologist at HSS  and Amanda Sachdeva PT, DPT, CSCS, physical therapist at HSS discuss how effective this method is. 

Doctors have long recommended doing some form of daily physical activity for patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS) to reduce stiff muscles and limited mobility, and research has shown that home-based exercise programs can be beneficial. “Joints are made to move, and they are happiest when they are moving,” noted Dr. Smith. 

“With AS, the biggest progressive issue is a loss of mobility in the spine, and all the things attached to the spine,” explained Dr. Smith. Regular physical activity—including strengthening and stretching exercises that focus on good posture and a strong core—can help prevent some of the stiffness and loss of flexibility that comes with AS. “A weak core and poor posture can put added stress on the spine, which can exacerbate symptoms of AS,” she added.

In addition, exercises that strengthen the posterior chain, or back of the body, are also important, noted Sachdeva . “AS often pulls you into a forward flexed position and can make it difficult to extend your spine,” she explained. Strengthening the back of the body (including the back and glutes) can help counter this forward bend.

You don’t have to join a gym or seek out special workouts to get the benefits. A variety of exercises can easily be done at home with some basic workout tools that may help with managing AS, Sachdeva said.  

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