07:00 AM

What Pushes Thromboembolic Events Rates Up?

Orthopedics This Week featured a recent study by Andre M. Samuel, MD, a third-year resident at HSS, who investigated factors that are most likely to increase the rate of venous thromboembolic events (VTEs) after vertebral fractures.

Dr. Samuel told OTW, "thromboembolic events are a serious, preventable postoperative complication that is associated with increased mortality, long-term morbidity, and health care costs. However, chemoprophylaxis with spinal injuries and after spine surgery is controversial due to risks for epidural hematoma."

"No large cohorts exist describing the rates and risk factors for VTEs after spinal fractures. This new data will help surgeons risk stratify patients for mechanical and chemoprophylaxis," he added.

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