07:00 AM

What Is Toe Jam, and How Do You Get Rid of It?

Allure featured Rock G. Positano, DPM, MSc, MPH, director of the Non-surgical Foot and Ankle service at HSS, who addressed the cause and meaning of toe jam.

"The foot is contained in a shoe that provides an excellent environment for pathogens such as bacteria and fungus to grow because it is warm, dark, and moist within the shoe environment," Dr. Positano explained.

"People who are on their feet for longer periods of time, individuals who have a tendency to sweat more profusely, people who wear shoes that have poor ventilation and breathability, and people who are overweight tend to be more predisposed to developing toe jam between their toes," he added.

To prevent buildup in between the toes, Dr. Positano recommended applying medicated foot powder and frequently changing your socks.

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