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What is the expertise of a physician worth? 35 physicians on where value-based care is headed in orthopedics and spine

Becker's Spine Review talks to healthcare leaders including Han Jo Kim, MD, spine surgeon at HSS on  where value-based care is headed in orthopedics and spine.

According to Dr. Kim, "When it comes to value-based healthcare in orthopedics and spine, I believe it comes down to the original definition of value, which is quality over cost. In the next few years there will be increased pressure to move orthopedics, and a portion of spine care, to the ASC setting. Naturally, this will decrease costs, and therefore increase value. Centers will be forced to "lean" their processes, whether with enhanced recovery pathways or expedited processes, in order to decrease length of stay, shorten operative times and decrease the time it takes for patients to recover from operations all while upholding quality.

He continued, “Centers will have to be creative and efficient in working within and leveraging their multidisciplinary teams and skill sets in order to deliver greater efficiency in care delivery, and decrease the costs for overall episodes of care for a given operation. These will be exciting times, and I believe research will be the cornerstone with which to validate these mechanisms." 

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