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What Is The Best Sport For You? Try This Healthy Sport Index

Forbes reports that Aspen Institute's Project Play initiative released the Healthy Sport Index in October 2018. The Healthy Sport Index is a web-based tool that can help choose the most appropriate sports for you or your children based on the health benefits and athletic skill development that you are looking for.

The Healthy Sport Index was created in partnership with HSS and with the guidance of a sports health advisory group that included doctors, researchers and other specialists.

"The knowledge that has propelled HSS to world leadership in musculoskeletal health gives us the opportunity and responsibility to lead also in supporting personal fulfillment and injury prevention," said Louis A. Shapiro, president and CEO of HSS. "The Healthy Sports Index is an example of how we are harnessing that knowledge to enable families everywhere to make the best-informed decisions based on their personal goals."

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