09:12 AM

What is Scoliosis? Effects of a Scoliosis Diagnosis & Life After Spinal Fusion Surgery | Deep Dives

Health Magazine’s Deep Dives video series features an episode on scoliosis and included key information about the condition from Sariah Khormaee, MD, PhD, spine surgeon at HSS.

Dr. Khormaee explained, “Scoliosis refers to a general curvature of the spine. People with scoliosis have a three-dimensional curvature of the spine that has some degree usually of asymmetry.”

Some people might observe asymmetry somewhere else on the body. According to Dr. Khormaee, a shoulder may be higher than the other, a shoulder blade may be more prominent than the other, a bump on the back that may be higher on one side, or a hip that might be higher than the other.

“Scoliosis is so individual - every patient and person is different and how they conceptualize their scoliosis is personal. That said, after surgery there is oftentimes a very dramatic change and some patients find this gives them a more positive outlook or more confidence,” she added.

Watch the full interview on the Health Magazine channel at Youtube.com.