09:12 AM

What Is Scleroderma? These Are the Signs You Could Have it

CreakyJoints features an educational article on scleroderma - the causes, symptoms and how to know if you may have the autoimmune disease.

"It may be that different patients have different triggers," explained Robert F. Spiera, MD, rheumatologist at HSS, who noted that the underlying cause of scleroderma is unknown.

There are two general types of scleroderma: localized and systemic. Lindsay S. Lally, MD, rheumatologist at HSS, explains that systemic scleroderma is defined based on the extent of skin involvement and other factors.

While there is currently no cure, treatment such as medications, exercise and physical and occupational therapy, can help control symptoms and prevent complications. If you experience Raynaud's disease, Dr. Lally adds that keeping your extremities and core warm in cold weather is crucial.

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