17:06 PM

What is frozen shoulder? Symptoms, treatment and a possible pandemic connection.

The Washington Post reports on the symptoms and treatment for adhesive capsulitis, more commonly known as frozen shoulder, and includes guidance from Michael C. Fu, MD, MHS, sports medicine surgeon at HSS.

Dr. Fu explained, “The shoulder capsule — it’s a thin lining around the joint itself — has to maintain a delicate balance between flexibility, pliability and also integrity. Once you get into this cascade of a little bit of inflammation or microtrauma that leads to more inflammation, that just sets off the whole cycle of adhesive capsulitis, where the capsule, which is normally really thin like a piece of tissue paper almost, then becomes really thick and like cardboard, and that’s how your shoulder gets tight and you lose range of motion.”

Dr. Fu noted that early detection is important and “the hallmark of treatment for frozen shoulder is physical therapy and stretching.”

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