12:26 PM

Wellness Wednesday: On-Field Injury Assessment

Giants.com features HSS sports medicine surgeon and New York Giants team physician, Scott A. Rodeo, MD, in a video about on-field injury assessment. Dr. Rodeo discussed the steps taken to assess an injury and why it must be done properly.

“We go out and see the player. We talk to them, get a quick sense of where they are with injuries and where they are hurt. And so we’ll do an examination right there. Sometimes your best exam is right there on the field, which I’ll look at the injured area to make a quick, but accurate assessment,” explained Dr. Rodeo. “We definitely have distinct protocols for different injuries and standard ways for evaluating. The first, our primary concern is the players’ health and safety. So we go through a thorough evaluation. And if a player can be cleared to go back, great! Let them go back. But if we’re not sure we’ll keep them out.”

Watch the full video at Giants.com.