15:29 PM


WABC-TV interviews HSS patient Jeff Mordos about his recovery from spine surgery in 2016 and comeback as a marathon runner.

“He had what’s called spinal stenosis, which is the narrowing of the spinal canal where all the nerves go down to your legs,” said Federico P. Girardi, MD, spine surgeon at HSS.

“I had seen Dr. Girardi for some follow up and started some mild jogging. Within four months or so I was back to running," said Mordos. Mordos has completed more than 75 marathons over the course of his life, and post-surgery he is focused on staying active to remain healthy. “Dr. Girardi recommended from the get-go that I stay active in order to encourage healing,” said Mordos concluding, “The thought of being able to get out there felt like a certainty. It was a matter of when not if.”

The segment aired on broadcast on November 6, 2022.