07:00 AM

Vivian Bykerk, MD: Biologic Therapies versus Conventional Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs

The Center for Biosimilars interviewed HSS rheumatologist Vivian P. Bykerk, BSc, MD, FRCPC, on the difference between biologic therapies and conventional disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs).

"We like the conventional DMARDs, but the problem with them is some people have side effects, as they could have side effects to anything. It's hard to remember always to take the medication. There are some conventional DMARDs you have to take 4, 6 times a day, which is not so easy," said Dr. Bykerk.

However, she explained that the DMARD methotrexate helps reduce the body's rejection of biologics.

"We see in study after study after study, that when you combine methotrexate and a biologic, even if the methotrexate is at a lower dose, those people do better over time," Dr. Bykerk added.

Watch the full video interview at centerforbiosimilars.com.