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Virtual reality technology helps surgeons practice and prepare

WABC visits the Bioskills Education Laboratory at HSS to demonstrate a new tool that is used to train orthopedic residents. 

They watched as a resident practiced partial knee replacement using virtual reality technology. "There is no substitute for the real muscle memory of dealing with actual tissue and the patient in the operating room," says Yuri Pompeu, MD, orthopedic resident at HSS. "But absolutely - as a supplement and a complement to everything else that we do, it's very valuable."

"It lets them practice in a very safe environment," explains Mathias P. Bostrom, MD, hip and knee surgeon at HSS and vice chairman of Education and Academic Affairs. "It lets us assess their performance and lets them assess how they're doing as well. And they can do it over and over again."

Watch the segment at ABC7NY.com. This aired on February 6, 2019.

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