18:31 PM

VIDEO: Cell, blood-based therapies may be future of nonsurgical OA treatment

Orthopedics Today interviews HSS sports medicine surgeon Scott A. Rodeo, MD, about his recent presentation at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Orthobiologics Symposium and discusses the potential of cell and blood-based orthobiologics injectables for patients with osteoarthritis.

Dr. Rodeo explained, “This area has tremendous potential — a lot of promise — but currently needs further development. We need further basic and clinical research. I think we need to recognize that, frankly, there has been a lot of indiscriminate use of unproven therapies — that gets back to the aggressive marketing — but it’s an area that really has great potential, and it’s on us to collect the relevant clinical and laboratory data to really bring this to fruition for our patients.”

Watch the full interview at Healio.com/news/orthopedics.