22:06 PM

Uncomplicating the Complicated: Pregnancies in Lupus and APS

In this episode of the Rheumatology Advisor “Rheum Advisor On Air” podcast, HSS rheumatologist Jane E. Salmon, MD explained the challenges of identifying, predicting, and preventing the risk for pregnancy complications in patients with lupus and antiphospholipid syndrome (APS).

Dr. Salmon discussed the outcomes of the PROMISSE study which identified adverse outcomes that can make reasonable estimates of the risk for a safe pregnancy. She underscored the importance in counseling women to have inactive disease when they contemplate pregnancy, as others have shown that active disease is associated with poor outcomes such as preeclampsia, fetal death, and maternal flares of lupus. Dr. Salmon also discussed studies assessing potential new therapies to reduce placental abnormalities in patients with APS and lupus, and possibly prevent or lower the risk for severe pregnancy complications. 

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