16:28 PM

Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks Improve Fracture Pain

Medscape reports on findings from a meta-analysis published in BMC Anesthesiology showing ultrasound-guided nerve blocks for preoperative pain management after hip fracture provide improvements over conventional anesthesia including greater pain reduction and fewer adverse events.

The article references an observational trend study co-authored by HSS anesthesiologist Stephen C. Haskins, MD, noting that the low utilization underscores that in real-world practice, an ultrasound-guided approach isn't always convenient.

Dr. Haskins explained, “I think our findings demonstrate a common misconception that exists for those of us that work at academic institutions and/or within the ivory towers of regional anesthesia, which is that everyone is performing cutting edge ultrasound-guided techniques for all procedures.”

However, "there are many limitations to use of ultrasound for these blocks, including limited access to machines, limited access to training, and limited interest and support from our surgical colleagues," he noted.

“Ultimately, the best nerve block is the one performed in a timely and successful fashion, regardless of technique," he said. "But we will continue to see a trend towards ultrasound use in the future due to increasing access in the form of portability and affordability.”

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