19:23 PM

Try these 7 foods that help arthritis—and learn what to avoid

The Checkup Blog discusses foods that help ease and worsen arthritis symptoms according to experts including HSS clinical nutritionist Deborah McInerney, MS, RD, CDN.

McInerney explained for people with arthritis, following an anti-inflammatory diet may help with managing symptoms such as pain and swelling. Many of these foods are found in the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes fruit, vegetables, beans, fish, and healthy fats such as olive oil, she said. McInerney noted, “I am frequently asked what foods someone should eat to help a particular condition, and it usually comes back to the basics: fruit, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean protein sources." The best diet depends on the type of arthritis, weight status, and any medications that the patient takes that may affect certain foods, she added.

Processing food strips away many of the valuable nutrients, cited McInerney. Foods like microwave meals and potato chips are also likely to be higher in added sugars and chemicals that can trigger inflammation.

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