17:32 PM

Try These 5 Calf Exercises to Help Prevent Injury

Runner’s World features a simple strength plan to keep shins, calves, and Achilles healthy according to Jordan D. Metzl, MD, sports medicine physician at HSS.

Dr. Metzl advised runners to add in strength training two to three times a week to help power through miles injury-free for years to come.

“Running can create muscle imbalances or accentuate ones you already have. Weak calves, for example, put too much stress on the Achilles and break down the fibers that make up the tendon. Unstable hip and core muscles hurt your biomechanics and overload your shins, which can lead to shin splints and stress fractures,” he explained.

Exercises included: Plyometric Lunge, Straight-Leg Calf Raise, Bent-Knee Calf Raise, Eccentric Calf Raise and Farmer’s Walk on Toes.

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