19:32 PM

Top 10 OA Treatment Qs (Including When It’s Time for Surgery)

HealthCentral features top questions on osteoarthritis (OA) treatment and when it might be time for surgery, according to experts including HSS hip and knee surgeon Elizabeth B. Gausden, MD, MPH.

Dr. Gausden explained how over the counter and prescription anti-inflammatories are commonly used to treat OA pain. “When someone has a sudden flare, I suggest two weeks of NSAIDs [Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs] daily, as long as you can tolerate it,” she noted. “Corticosteroid injections are commonly used to treat symptomatic knee pain from OA and can be used if pain is not adequately treated by over-the-counter medications,” continued Dr. Gausden. “Unfortunately, the pain relief is usually best with the first injection, with shots becoming less effective over time,” she added. “A good response would be several months of relief.”

When it comes to surgery, patients will often know when it’s time. “When pain or lack of mobility is affecting you every day—if you’re cancelling plans or modifying your life because of OA—I advise my patients to start thinking about surgery,” advised Dr. Gausden. “Ultimately, the decision is best made by you.”

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