16:41 PM

‘Too Young for This’: When Young Adults Get an RA Diagnosis

WebMD reports on the prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis in young adults according to experts including Theodore R. Fields, MD, FACP, rheumatologist at HSS. 

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is rising: In 2019, 18 million people worldwide were living with RA, according to the World Health Organization.

The good news is that, thanks to early diagnosis and new treatment options, people with RA – even younger adults in the midst of career development, family-building, and active lives – can experience remission.

“There is a lot of hope these days for someone with RA, and we can give young patients a lot of reassurance,” said Dr. Fields.

Rheumatologists say that catching RA early is key; telltale signs are pain and swelling of the smaller joints in both hands, wrists, or feet. “The reason to get treatment started early is that our medications can not only reduce or stop symptoms such as fatigue, stiffness, and joint swelling and pain, but they can reduce or stop damage to bone,” explained Dr. Fields.

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