22:48 PM

Tiger Woods' injuries make another comeback a long shot

NBC News reports on the orthopedic trauma injuries Tiger Woods sustained to his right lower extremity after his involvement in a single-car crash. Woods' surgeons inserted a rod into his tibia to stabilize his fractures, while screws and pins were used to stabilize injuries to his foot and ankle. Medical experts including HSS sports medicine physician Jordan D. Metzl, MD, who did not treat Woods, offered comments surrounding what his recovery may entail and the likelihood of a comeback to playing competitive golf.

Dr. Metzl said it might be too early to count Woods out, because his injuries, from a traumatic high-speed crash, are so uncommon for a pro golfer. "It's not a sports injury, per se, that we typically see," explained Dr. Metzl. "I think that's an important point, because when someone strains their hamstring, tears their ACL or breaks their wrist sliding into second base, we can give a very accurate timetable." Dr. Metzl theorized that even some severe lower-leg injuries could be overcome as long as Woods' joints, tendons and nerves, employed in a golfer's twisting motion while striking the ball, survived major damage. "It's unknown, but if there were an area that could potentially have the chance "to be overcome" with all the unforeseen hurdles and all the potential complications going forward, "his lower-leg trauma" could be potentially one of those areas," noted Dr. Metzl.

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