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Tiger Woods has ‘zero chance’ of Masters, may struggle to walk again, experts tell The Post

New York Post discusses Tiger Woods’ orthopedic trauma injuries after his involvement in a single-car crash. According to the hospital where Woods underwent surgery, he sustained open fractures affecting both the upper and lower portions of the tibia and fibula that required a rod to fix, and had screws and pins implanted in his foot and ankle bones. Experts including William M. Ricci, MD, chief of Orthopedic Trauma at HSS, and Jordan D. Metzl, MD, sports medicine physician at HSS, who did not treat Woods, offer comments on what his recovery may entail and the likelihood of a comeback.

“There’s no way he’s making the Masters in April, zero chance,” said Dr. Ricci. “Masters next April? Maybe.” Dr. Ricci, who is well versed in the trauma sustained in high-speed car crashes, said Woods’ mangled ankle and foot could prove to be the hardest to overcome, depending on the severity of the injuries, which hasn’t been disclosed. “It’s going to impact his ability to pivot on that leg, to pivot normally and to flex the ankle and foot normally,” he cited, of the pins and screws Woods had installed.

Woods’ mature age as a professional athlete also doesn’t help in speeding up the recovery process. “He’s an incredible athlete, but as you get up into your 40s and beyond, the healing times slow down and it takes longer to recover from injuries,” noted Dr. Metzl. “This is going to take months. We can’t think about golf yet.”

Dr. Ricci estimated Woods will face a year of rehabilitation and physical therapy focused on restoring his mobility, range of motion and strengthening his calf, ankle and foot muscles — all key areas for a professional athlete. “I don’t know Tiger Woods personally but everything I see and read about him, he’s a pretty motivated person,” he said. “If anyone could [rebound,] it would be him but it’s going to be a battle.”

Read the full article at NYpost.com. This article also appeared in print on February 25, 2021.