09:10 AM

Threat of Covid-19 spreading grows at Tokyo Olympics with three infections at athletes village.

South China Morning Post reports Olympic-related positive tests have been recorded in Tokyo since visitors started arriving for the 2020 Games and includes commentary from Brett G. Toresdahl, MD, sports medicine physician at HSS.

Dr. Toresdahl explained, “A vaccination rate of over 80 per cent combined with the other prevention measures have lowered the risk of Covid-19 to a level that is acceptable to the vast majority of athletes and their medical teams.”

“While the available vaccines are very effective, Covid-19 infections can still occur,” he added.

Even before vaccines were widely available, many indoor contact sporting events were held with minimal Covid-19 transmission when testing and prevention measures were implemented, he said.

“As the pandemic continues and sporting events resume, event organizers and medical staff are learning more about how to minimize the risk of Covid-19 to an acceptable level,” he noted.

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