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This Weekend with Gordon Deal: February 03, 2018

On This Morning with Gordon Deal, Joshua S. Dines, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, discusses sport specialization live on-air.

Dr. Dines notes how times have changed over the years, as young athletes used to play three different sports throughout the year and now may only focus on one sport year-round.

He frequently sees young athletes come in with overuse injuries because they have subjected their body to the same stresses for long periods of time.

"We're seeing a lot more overuse injuries that were typically reserved for older athletes - college and professionals - that we're now seeing in much younger, even high school and middle school athletes," said Dr. Dines.

Dr. Dines explains how pitching is not a normal motion for an arm - and pitchers can throw up to 75-100 times a game. And the good pitchers subject themselves to more stresses as they are often showcased because of their talent. 

"Sports have got to be fun," added Dr. Dines who underlined the importance of kids having fun and playing sports for the right reasons. Even if a young athlete enjoys a sport, if they play it too much (which can lead to overuse injuries), some of the fun may start to go away.

Listen to the full segment at ThisMorningWithGordonDeal.com (starting at the 7:32 mark). The segment aired on February 3, 2018.