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These 3 Perks Of Cold Weather Exercise Will Convince You To Go Outside

Huff Post reports on the benefits of exercising in cold weather according to experts including Angela Pepdjonovic, PT, DPT, physical therapist at HSS. 

Exercise, whether inside or outside, is supremely healthy — it reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, makes you stronger, lowers your risk of cancer and boosts your mood.

What’s more, working out in the cold weather actually packs additional benefits for your physical and mental health.

According to Pepdjonovic, “Your heart has to work a little bit harder to pump blood around your body during exercise, particularly in the cold. This can help to boost your endurance over time as this enhances your body’s ability to regulate temperature efficiently.”

Those cold-weather cardiovascular perks can propel you year-round, Pepdjonovic said. Plus, “As your body is required to work harder than it normally would to maintain its core temperature, some studies show that you actually increase your calorie burn by exercising in the cold,” Pepdjonovic added.

Working out in the cold benefits your mental health as well. “Just getting exposure to more natural light and fresh air helps to increase your endorphins, which ultimately helps to reduce your stress and improve your energy levels when we are in that tough time of year where we’re not getting the same amount of exercise or outdoor time,” Pepdjonovic said.  

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