14:57 PM

The viral ‘stomach vacuum’ exercise can strengthen your abs and reduce back pain — here’s how to do it

TODAY.com discusses a trending isometric abdominal exercise called the “stomach vacuum” and includes guidance from Jordan D. Metzl, MD, sports medicine physician at HSS.

Dr. Metzl explained the “stomach vacuum” primarily focuses on strengthening the front muscles of the core, making it a disproportionate move to the back muscles.

He continued, “If you’re a bodybuilder, and you just want to look good up on the stage with ripped abs, that’s fine. But if you actually want a back (for) playing golf and with your kids, and you know, doing a triathlon and playing baseball, I’m much more a fan of strengthening the muscles in the front and the back of the spine at the same time.”

According to Dr. Metzl, "Planks ... they really work; I would come down strongly in favor of planks. Because it strengthens both the front and the back. It's a similarly isometric exercise, meaning it doesn't get longer or shorter, and so I'm a big fan of that.”

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