07:00 AM

The Trainer-Player Relationship

MSG aired part two of the miniseries, HSS Sports Performance Lab, highlighting the importance and impact of the relationship between an athlete and their physician.

"Once you engage with someone who's hurt, it really is a relationship. You're never alone, you're part of something bigger than yourself," said Answorth A. Allen, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS and Team Physician for the New York Knicks.

Lisa R. Callahan, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at HSS and Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Player Care at Madison Square Garden Sports, said "when a player's injured, it's not just about getting that player back on the court as fast as you can, it's… also to be sure that they're really healthy and ready to perform."

Dr. Allen shared that the relationships built between himself and his patients are one of the beautiful things he enjoys about medicine. "It's very intimate, it's very personal. When that person has achieved their goal, I mean the satisfaction that comes along with that, you cannot put a price on it," he said.

Watch the full video at msgnetworks.com. This segment aired during the February 2, 2018 broadcast.