18:43 PM

The Secret Lives of Doctors — Dr. Andrew Grose, the showman

Connecticut Magazine features Andrew Grose, MD, MSc, orthopedic trauma surgeon at HSS Stamford, in a series of articles about local doctors with unique backgrounds and passions.

The article spotlights Dr. Grose’s early years of dancing and acting on Broadway after graduating with a BFA in acting from Syracuse University. He landed parts in A Chorus Line and Jerome Robbins’ Broadway. While he was performing, he realized he wanted to take new path and pursue medicine.

In between his shows, Dr. Grose said he began watching City College of New York classes on cable TV. “Tuesdays were science day and I found myself watching chemistry between shows. I thought, this is kind of weird,” he noted.

After returning to Syracuse to teach a workshop, he took a biology class and orthopedic elective that sealed his fate to becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Grose cited medicine and music are not that different. “Doing a joint replacement,” he said, “is like playing something classical. There’s a step to everything. How perfectly can you play the notes that are already written for you?”

And when it comes to fixing fractures, Dr. Grose compared it to choreography and performance. “It lets you listen to the patient the same way you pay attention to the audience. The physical work is different, but the metaphysical, psychological, spiritual work is the same.”

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