10:44 AM

The new era of pain management — & how hospital pharmacists can help usher it in

Becker’s Hospital Review reports on a recent webinar on shifting the pain management paradigm away from opioids.

Jawad Saleh, PharmD, manager of clinical services at HSS, spoke during the webinar.

“We want the best quality for our patients,” said Dr. Saleh, who explained that hospitals tend to use a multimodal analgesia approach to pain management which means combining two or more agents or techniques.

He stressed the importance of pharmacists needing to educate themselves on modalities such as IV acetaminophen. Additionally, it’s important to monitor opioid usage in your own institution. “Data is everything,” added Dr. Saleh. “Pharmacists are uniquely qualified because we’re like a gel. We’re a balance between cost, availability and appropriate use from a clinical standpoint.’

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