11:47 AM

The Medical Case Against Working from Home

The New York Times features an article written by HSS sports medicine physician Jordan D. Metzl, MD on the disadvantages of working remotely.

Dr. Metzl noted the discussion about returning to in-person work has largely focused on productivity. If an employee is equally productive in a remote setting, why bring them back to the office? All things being equal, remote work is cheaper and more convenient than commuting.

Although productivity is important, Dr. Metzl cited sufficient consideration to the negative health effects of remote work hasn't been given. Those who have the luxury of working from home might ultimately end up realizing that remote work is disadvantageous to their mental and physical well-being. 

Furthermore, he referred to a recent compilation of evidenced-based studies investigating the mental and physical effects of remote work found mixed results. Some workers thrived in the remote work environment, citing more time for healthy behaviors including exercise and family, while others became less active, gained weight, and reported feelings of isolation and depression. 

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