15:11 PM

The Future of HSS

In the April issue of LEADERS Magazine, HSS President, Surgeon-in-Chief and Medical Director Bryan T. Kelly, MD, MBA, discusses his future plans for HSS. 

“As I prepare to transition to CEO of HSS, I am focusing on a few different things,” said Dr. Kelly. 

“In the coming years, we will be able to impact more populations across the United States and internationally through our growing digital health capabilities, collaborations with like-minded partners, and amplified excellence in patient care using data-driven tools.  Our goal is to meet people where they live and work, whether that is through physical locations or virtual platforms. We will build upon the great successes that we have already achieved, but also evolve with the changing times to help us remain at the top of our field," he explained. 

“The future is bright for HSS and in this ever-changing healthcare landscape the possibilities are endless. I am honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the next chapter of this iconic healthcare institution and look forward to building on our collective efforts to make HSS the best place for patients to receive care, the best place for doctors and clinicians to provide care, and the best place for healthcare professionals to advance their careers," said Dr. Kelly. 

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