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The Diagnosis: How to Advise Newly Diagnosed RA Patients

A new diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis can be a life-changing and overwhelming experience. In an article by The Rheumatologist, HSS rheumatologist Vivian Bykerk, MD, FRCPC provides her insight on how to properly advise newly diagnosed patients.

Dr. Bykerk said that shared decision making between the provider and patient is ideal for managing treatment.

When discussing medications, Dr. Bykerk gauges the patient's beliefs about medication and tailors doses to their individual needs.

"An early investment of time in these discussions cements a fruitful relationship and partnership that is more likely to improve adherence of the agreed upon treatment strategy," said Dr. Bykerk.

Additionally, Dr. Bykerk helps compile the patient's support team which includes nutritionists, physical therapists and social workers as well as their family members.

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