08:45 AM

The best kids' snow boots of 2021

Dara Jones, MD, FAAPMR, pediatric physiatrist at HSS and others offer guidance to help parents with choosing the proper winter footwear for kids.

Choosing any type of footwear for children is different from shopping for adults because children haven't yet developed an arch. Footwear with a flexible sole helps facilitate that development, according to Dr. Jones. "Children are born with flat feet, with a fat pad on the bottom of their feet," she explained. "The foot arch doesn't develop until around 6 or 7 as the foot muscles become stronger. The only way to develop that is by feeling and gripping the ground under them. It's important [that shoes] support and not interfere with this process.”

Boots should fit loose enough to allow for a pair of thick socks. Dr. Jones recommended trying the shoes on with the winter socks that they'll be wearing to ensure a proper fit. With these socks on, you should be able to fit one finger between the top of the toe and the end of the boot, she said. When walking, the heel should stay in place in the boot, while the toe and midfoot area of the sole should flex with the foot.

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