19:09 PM

The 6 best kneeling chairs of 2021, according to experts

NBC News discusses how kneeling chairs work and what to consider when shopping for one according to experts including HSS body mechanics coordinator Jon Cinkay, PT.

Ergonomics plays a vital role while sitting at home working,” said Cinkay. “[Kneeling chairs are] another option to help the employee determine what makes them the most comfortable, and if it helps set [them] up for success, that’s a win.” Ergonomics is all about making your workstation comfortable to increase your productivity, he continued. Sitting in any type of chair for an extended amount of time is not a good idea. The key is scheduled movement: Cinkay recommended standing up and moving around for a few minutes after 30 or 40 minutes of uninterrupted sitting.

Kneeling chairs typically come with a knee pad attached, allowing the user to lean forward in a kneeling position while working, explained Cinkay. “The more adjustable it is, the greater [the] opportunity to be more comfortable and, therefore, more successful,” he noted. Like with any ergonomic chair, make sure the chair accommodates your body shape and size, and is appropriate for your daily work. Most kneeling chairs can support up to 250 pounds, less than a standard ergonomic chair. Kneeling chairs are also typically more affordable than standard chairs, cited Cinkay.

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