17:39 PM

The 3 hardest Olympics sports, according to sports medicine experts

INSIDER inquires about the most challenging Olympic sports according to sports medicine experts, and includes commentary from Kathleen L. Davenport, MD, physiatrist at HSS Florida, and Harry G. Greditzer IV, MD, radiologist at HSS.

Dr. Davenport explained that gymnastics demands physical, technical and mental strength. “There is a high level of risk with the elements, and gymnasts are required to master balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance of both upper and lower extremities in order to achieve Olympic-level greatness.”

She added that gymnasts need “an extreme level of focus” to perform dangerous stunts — even after a crushing fall.

Dr. Greditzer, a former professional water polo player, said that swimming requires toughness and mental strength, since “sensory deprivation sport.”

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